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Planning some big changes to the site based on people's feedback. Keeping it simple. If you have a suggestion, email them now This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

How can I avoid getting spyware, viruses and malware?

I get this question alot, Short answer is you can't 100% avoid malware, you can take precautions however. Here's a quick list of the programs you should ensure always get their updates:

The site is working well so far, but I need guinea pigs to click and poke and try to break it. Please click around the site and look for any errors or issues that you may have on your machine. Then please let me know about them. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or click the Chat with Me button when I'm available online.

Here's the newest features added:

  • Gift shop with prepaid Geek Cards.
  • Some new content and tips
  • One click request for support session, Click Share my screen button! Try it out.
  • New Feedback section

Here's the stuff I'm still working on:

  • New membership system
  • Rewards for loyal customers!
  • More software links and recommendations
  • Videos of the latest Tridbits!
  • Trideon Playlists of other videos on the web
  • Geek Glossary


Tired of Double clicking your favorite programs?

Grab this FREE little gadget, never double click again! Get Launchy

With a simple hit of alt+space, then type the name of the program ie. Mines..., hit enter.

Walla, launches without touching the mouse.

If you like it, support the geeks that make it, here.

Why does my computer take sooo long to boot?

Tired of a slow computer, be part of the solution with, Soluto – Anti-Frustration Software -

Take the Trash out lately? CCleaner can help.

Where did I put that file I just downloaded?

Browsers have a default download location. In Firefox you can bring up a list of downloaded files by pressing Ctrl + J. Right click the file you want, and choose open or open file location. The later will show you the default location Firefox saves anything that you download. If all else fails Windows has a built in file search. Hold down the Windows key + F. Type part or all of the file name in the search box and hit enter.

TIP: In Windows 7 M$ introduced a cool bunch of new filter/find tools. Try clicking the arrow on the Date column. Then choose or drag the date range when the file was modified.

Why would I "ever" use Facebook?

Ever wondered what all of the features of Facebook would look like on a map...

Wonder no more. Click here for the Facebook Atlas.

I've been hard at work for months creating a more Tablet/mobile friendly version of my site. That's right so many of you have smart phones or tablets now that I have to upgrade my site. Thanks for being Geeky! So far I have the basic site in place, I will continue to post daily and start unleashing my geek here shortly.

Meanwhile, try out the Live Chat button, I'm here to help!


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